Trouble and Triumph, Nehemiah 6: Part I

In the previous five chapters, we see that Nehemiah confronts the enormous task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Not only was he tasked with motivating a group of victimized people who were living without the protection of city walls, but he was also challenged by the trio of Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem (referred to as the unholy trinity) and had to deal with the internal strife of Jews behaving badly with their own people.

However, the third attack upon Nehemiah may be the saddest of them all. Nehemiah 6:10-14 describes how the unholy trinity bribed Shemaiah into using the word of God (in prophecy) to scare him into hiding and to defame and to taunt the man of God. Yes, a “prophet” of God, a person whose job it was to hear from the Lord, was bribed in order to work against the purposes of God (just like Judas).

As Christians, we must be careful about lending an ear to anyone who says that they heard from God. Even the people who look, sound, and talk spiritual are not always representing God but rather their own agenda. Consider the following: Read more…