Happy Mother’s Day

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To all the mothers out there who sacrifice so much for their families, happy Mother’s Day!

Youth is not wasted on the young

My career in ministry started at age 13. I had a wonderful elderly pastor who believed in me and instructed me in how to teach my peers. My first lesson was based on Adam and Eve, one of the few stories that I was familiar with.  21 years later, I’m blessed to be a pastor and am lucky enough to have found my calling.

However, not everything in life has been easy, even this religion thing. At 18 I remember being tired of the church and ministry. I was prepared to leave it all behind to live like everyone else. It just wasn’t worth it to me anymore.

I see a lot of young people in the same predicament. While some find an authentic and life changing experience in Christ, many are disillusioned with a religious system that leaves them empty and unfulfilled. Church is good, their parents love it, but in 5-10 years they will transition out of the church and live a life apart from Christ.

And my heart breaks for these youth.

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