Sermon Recap: Face Your Giants

Have you ever had a moment where a person, problem, or your past seemed to hold you back from being the person God wanted you to be?

This was the case of the Israelites when they encountered Goliath—a nearly ten foot tall giant who was the champion of the enemy Philistines. He was so big and strong, the Bible describes his armor to weigh 125 pounds and just the tip of his spear weighed 15 pounds. This guy was an intimidating figure.

1 Samuel 17:8-11 records the story of this giant coming out and mocking the Israelite army. When he called them out their reaction was fear and trembling. Goliath was winning the war just by his appearance and words.

This represents so many people, whose fear cause them to fear in the presence of their own giants. Life seems so intimidating, and our problems speak to us and make us want to give up. We lack the boldness not because we’ve lost the fight, but because we’re afraid to enter into the fray.

I want to encourage you today with these three facts. I pray that they help you realize that through Christ, we are MORE than conquerors! (see Romans 8:28).

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