Dear church: Don’t ruin the future of Christianity!

We could use more Davids!

One of the many issues facing mainline denominations is the rapidly decreasing base of ministers to carry on the work of the church. Recent studies, such as the one the Barna Group released, share evidences that are similar to this:

“A decade ago the median age of mainline Senior Pastors was 48; today it is 55. That represents a shockingly fast increase, representing a combination of too few young pastors entering the ranks and a large share of older pastors not retiring.” Link to the article here.

I am an anomaly in the church world. I officially began my career as a senior pastor at age 24. I just celebrated my 10th year in pastoral ministry. I think I can offer a few reasons why young people are not entering the ministry as generations before them:

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Beyond “Religulous”

Yes, I admit I watched the movie “Religulous” starring Bill Maher. It wasn’t the Christian bashing I was expecting, yet there were moments in which faith and science were pitted against each other. Maher, a self proclaimed agnostic, uses science and scientific method to try and explain away why Christianity (and religion in general) is just a bunch of fairy tales.

As Christians, who have experienced the power of resurrection, we understand how wrong the premise of simply trying to explain away the supernatural.

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