In defense of love

The highlight of my Sunday wasn’t the sermon I preached. It was the celebration afterwards. We were able to enjoy a peaceful Mother’s Day with my wife and celebrate my son’s 5th birthday. When he told me, “Daddy, I feel so happy today,” my whole day couldn’t have gotten any better. Although sometimes I’d like to kill them (and you parents know what I mean), no one besides Jesus loves my kids more than me. They are my world. We celebrate as much as we can with them because we want them to know how special they are!

And as I contemplate all of this, I wonder if this is what Jesus desires from us as his church. Should the love for our spiritual brothers emulate the love a parent has for his child? Should we be quick to forgive the trespasses of others? Should we sometimes let things go, for the sake of peace?

The answer is simple…Definitely Yes!

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