Don’t waste your life!

Last winter was our first in Yakima, Washington. Having come from California, the snow was a welcomed by our family. It was the first time that we have been able to play outside in the snow without having to drive a few hours.

As the pictures demonstrate, our family got active in making snowmen in the front yard. I never realized how much work it was to roll snow and make these guys. I remember breaking a sweat shoveling and rolling snow with full winter gear on.

However, the snowmen were short lived. On a sunny 50 degree day, they slowly melted away… All that work for something that didn’t last.

And to use this experience as an analogy, that is how many people are living their lives. They are working so hard for something that is not going to last. It’s sad to realize that all our effort can be for naught.

This is the great thing about Christianity. Everything we do has both temporal and eternal consequences. All the effort you put into following Christ pays off dividends in all facets in your life.

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