Moses, the Promised Land, and My Ministry.

The reality is that most who enter the ministry do so because of the love they have for God, the passion to fulfill their call, and to minister effectively to people. If it was for the money, most of us would not have chosen the ministry. (And we are thankful that God provides!).

However, that idealism can lead us to make the great mistake in which we take ownership of our congregations and people. The term “my church” should be used more so as a reference of belonging, not in reference ownership. It is, and will always be, God’s church! We are stewards of the churches that God gives us the pleasure of serving.

Consider the story of Moses as he leads the people out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. The people murmured constantly and worked against the purposes of God. They consistently undermined Moses’ leadership. Some of them tried to go back to Egypt (who had tried to kill them all before crossing the Red Sea).

Ultimately, God grew tired of the Israelite’s rebellion. He tells Moses (in Numbers 14:11-12): Read more…