I wish you a happy Easter weekend!

This weekend consists of the most important celebrations in all of Christianity. Good Friday represents the death of Jesus and the limitless love of God in sending a savior to redeem us. Easter Sunday represents God’s power over death and gives us the eternal hope that all those who have confessed Christ will one day raise again and live an eternity with Jesus. We will inherent the promised the Kingdom of God!

I wish you a great weekend full of discovering the goodness of God. I hope that as you hear the stories of Jesus, your heart will both mourn and celebrate. We mourn the sinfulness of our own humanity and celebrate the redemption offered to us through the resurrection!

Be blessed!

Sermon Recap: “Bible Day” at Templo Jerusalen, 9/9/2012

Our Bible Day is a celebration which encourages our church to go deeper in study with daily Bible reading. It’s an acknowledgement of the importance of God’s word in our daily lives.

Here is my sermon for Bible Day…

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