My neighbor is going to hell!

Some people enjoy great relationships with their neighbors. They visit each other and BBQ together. Their kids get together. It’s like one of those episodes of “Leave it to Beaver”… the perfect neighborhood.

And others have those not-so-nice neighbors that stare at you. Or drive by your house slowly just to let you know that they have their eye on you. All of which leaves you with that weird feeling every time you throw out the garbage or get your family in the car.

And let’s not mention the fighters, the music blasters, or the partiers… (Some say its God’s way of developing patience in us!)

However, there is one important point to consider… Without Jesus, they are going to hell. They are destined to burn in torment for eternity without the salvation that Christ offers.

And this neighbor analogy not only serves to describe our neighborhoods, but our communities and nation as well. The point is that we need to be aware of the current state of spirituality around us.

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