Salvation: We learn wisdom from the little things! (Proverbs 1:20-33)

There is a lot of debate within Christian theology in regards to election. To be as plain as I can, my belief is that Jesus came to die for everyone (if you’re reformed, you could consider this an “unlimited” limited atonement). His death of Calvary was a symbol of God’s great love and gave an avenue for everyone to confess their sins and live the best life possible in Jesus Christ! Salvation is for everyone!

Some seem to be waiting for an Acts 9 moment in order to give their entire life to Christ. If you remember, Acts 9 was when Saul of Tarsus was knocked off his horse, temporarily blinded, and confronted by Jesus himself. That encounter was so profound that Saul (Hebrew for “desired”) had his name changed to Paul (meaning “little” or “small”). God revolutionized his life through that personal encounter!

Although having an Acts 9 moment would be awesome, that is not the normal pattern of salvation. For most, it is a series of little events that bring us to the big decision to follow Christ. We all knew of God then, through wisdom, we came to know God. And there is a world of difference between “knowing of” and “knowing” God personally!

As Proverbs 1:20-33 teaches, God is available to everyone and we have the choice of either accepting or rejecting him. Some argue that a loving God wouldn’t send anyone to hell. The fact is that our eternal destination is not in the hands of God, it’s our choice! We decide whether to accept the wisdom of following God or the consequences of rejecting him.

Has God been speaking to you in the small things of your life? Maybe you’ve been feeling empty, disillusioned, or hopeless. Maybe you’ve felt heartbreak from some situation in your life. Maybe everything has gone as planned, but you still yearn from something greater than you. All of these seemingly small moments in our lives are opportunities that God uses you speak you!