Quick hits: My 5 favorite things from Nehemiah 1-6

#1- Nehemiah didn’t need the heavens to open up to find his purpose. He heard the problem, prayed and fasted, then set out to be the solution to the problem (Nehemiah 1:3-4). We should also be a solution in our churches and in the lives of others!

#2- Nehemiah wasn’t afraid to ask for help from a non-Jew. There are many people who do not assist the church who would offer help if asked. We need to be able to put our religion aside and welcome all people with the end result to be the glory of God. (Nehemiah 2:7-8)

#3- Nehemiah understood that broken walls were a disgrace to Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:17-18). He was honest enough to let the people know the truth and the people were open enough to work and fix the problem. We cannot be delusional and pretend problems do not exist. Just like anything in life, we must work hard to make our churches and our lives the best they can be.

#4- Nehemiah was confronted by three types of attacks: taunts and a threat of war by his enemies (Nehemiah 4:7-11), internal strife (Nehemiah 5:1-6), and the twisting of God’s word through false prophecy (Nehemiah 6:10-14). There will always be some sort of opposition when we are walking in the will of God.

#5- Despite all of this, Nehemiah was able to rally the people to rebuild the wall in 52 days! When people can work together with their leader in order to fulfill God’s purposes, God is glorified to all people.

“And when all our enemies heard of it, all the nations around us were afraid and fell greatly in their own esteem, for they perceived that this work had been accomplished with the help of our God.” Nehemiah 6:16