If you want to be wise, let God’s word be your guide! (Proverbs 2:1-11)

John 1:1 opens with an astounding observation, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” In essence, God’s Word is living and active. It is able to minister to us and bring about transformation. This is why those who crave to be wise should be led by the Bible.

I have no doubt that the majority of people who come to church are seeking some sort of change in their lives. They have aspirations to become more than what they are currently. They sense a need for righteousness and to center themselves on principles which come from a divine source. That change, however, will not come without our own purposeful pursuit of wisdom!

It Begins with Me!

The first few verses of Proverbs 2 make it clear that my pursuit of wisdom starts with me. First, we need to receive wisdom! Wisdom is more than just learning from my own mistakes. Wisdom is an amalgam of life experiences. We learn from our Pastors. We learn from our parents. We learn from our friends. We learn from the accounts of the Bible. One cannot simply be wise on our own limited existence. We must receive the experience of others and from the Bible in order to be able to make the sensible decisions that will bring blessing to our lives. (However, remember that God’s word should be the standard. Anything that is contrary to God’s word isn’t worth following.)

Second, we are instructed to treasure instruction. It needs to be something we hold close to our hearts. As Proverbs 1:7b states: “…fools despise wisdom and instruction

Third, we understand that wisdom is a God given gift to those who earnestly search it! Proverbs 2:6 states: “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.” The promise of wisdom is really an “if/then” promise realized. If we seek God through his word and are open to his instruction, then he will begin to teach us through the mediums that he chooses!

Also, just because you have gone to church for years, or have acquired some leadership position or a seminary degree, it doesn’t mean that you have arrived at the fullness of wisdom in God! We must be humble enough to learn from the experiences that God places before us. We must also be intelligent enough to continue to read the Bible diligently, as the word is alive and ALWAYS gives new revelation to those who seeks it! And, we must be willing to apply that knowledge…

Fourth, the abundant life that Jesus promised us (John 10:10) starts with being wise! Proverbs states that God watches “over the way of his saints” (2:8) and that “knowledge will be pleasant to your soul” (2:10). Those who are wise are not promised problem free lives, but rather the divine push necessary to overcome any trial, conquer all tribulation, and fulfill God’s purposes in their lives!

Are you seeking and treasuring God’s instruction? Do we trust God enough to let the Bible transform us? Do you actively desire to be everything God wants you to be?

If so, let God’s Word be your guide!