3 ways that you can biblically overcome hard times in your life.

It’s sometimes difficult to hear Christians speak about issues of faith and life. They express themselves as though we should never have problems, feel pain, or should be discouraged. They act as though Jesus is the magic formula for living a life without pain.

Three considerations:

#1- The Bible proves that life can be full of pain, doubt, and discouragement.

The Bible, however, reflects a much different reality from the above. It truthfully demonstrates how even the most Godly people can suffer through self doubt (Moses), struggle with lust (King David), sin because of fear (Abraham and Peter), and suffer through periods of doubt and discouragement (Elijah and Thomas). Even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered through Gethsemane!

#2- Hope through Christ will give you the strength you need!

The trick is not trying to wish away the pain, fear, or doubt through “Christian” magic. The key to Christianity is finding the hope that you need in order to successfully navigate these valleys in your life. When you hear that you are “more than a conqueror” (Romans 8:37) and that you can “do all things through Christ” who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13), understand that the context of these verses are all in suffering.

In other words, God gives you the strength not only to bear bad circumstances but he gives you the strength to absolutely conquer these. Remember, Jesus didn’t just sleep through the storm—he absolutely commanded it to be calm (Mark 4:35-40).

Storms in life were never meant to last. Through Christ, we will last forever! Be encouraged!

#3- Don’t make your stay in the valley longer than it needs to be.

Go to church. Listen to encouraging music. Don’t play the pity party during the hard times in your life.

Let me share a song that has recently helped me get through a time of discouragement. Hopefully, if you are going through the same, it will encourage you as well!

Have a BLESSED weekend!