3 Reasons I love my church

One of the worst mistakes people make is attending (or leading) a church that they really don’t like. I’ve learned that ministry can’t be a job, it must be a calling. The stresses, expectations, and demands of ministry are hard to understand for most people.

However, I’m lucky enough to be part of a body whereby most (and to be honest, most but definitely not all) support me. They understand my vision and make it a pleasure to be here.  I also understand that no church is perfect. There will always be people who make your life miserable. However, keeping up the positive:

So why do I love my church?

1- I’m confident that God has placed me here.

Leaving my home in San Jose was not an easy decision. For years opportunities had come up to leave the area, yet my heart was intent on staying. However, when both my wife and I felt it was time to go, the doors opened up quickly and we knew God was orchestrating our departure. In short, it was a spiritual revelation.

I would implore Christians to stop seeking out churches that best accommodate them, and to start seeking God’s guidance as to where he wants them to be. The consumer mentality is killing the spiritual side of Christianity. Many times God wants you to help build a church, not just be a recipient of the hard work of others.

Take time and pray that God would lead you to a place where you can work, support your pastor, and see the blessings of God in your life!

2- I can see the potential for something greater.

Many times, churches can become locked into traditions and methodology that worked in a previous generation, but are outdated tools to in the present time. As the old adage states, churches that refuse to change become portals into the past with no positive effect for the present or the future.

My church has traditions, but I’ve seen a willingness to adopt some new ideas (although sometimes begrudgingly). This gives me hope that the Holy Spirit has the freedom to do what he wants through the church, instead of the church resisting change. When God has free reign (as it should be), the potential for life changing, revolutionary ministry becomes unlimited.

If you are trapped in a church that has leadership resistant to change, or has just stagnated with no foreseeable future, pray that God would either use you to change the status quo, or to show you a new place where you can be free to do what he has called you to do.

And if you leave a church, always leave well!

3- The people are not perfect and they know it.

I’ll be honest: some of the meanest people I have met in my life were members of a church.

The simple reality is that many people view their Christianity as a means to feel superior to everyone else. “We don’t live that way” or “I’m not a sinner like them” are phrases that are fundamentally WRONG, unbiblical, and religious.

However, when you are part of a church whose members understand that a) they were sinners, b) they were destined to hell, c) without Jesus they would have never received salvation, and d) there is nothing they could have done to earn that salvation, then you know that you are part of a good church.

I like that in my church we have people who can admit to their past mistakes. I like it when people understand that being judgmental is more of a satanic ministry than a holy call. Churches led by gossip, slander, disloyalty, murmuring, complaining, negativity, hedonism, and the like are all places that I’d rather not be. I’m sure the same is true for you.

It’s just nice that I can be myself and not need to wear a “religious” mask all the time.

I love my church!